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  P R O D U C T I O N

  NEXT-GEN Shopping

A021 -Quality and traceability Application

- Designed Vision-RFID system is monitoring, rejecting and
  recording-facts about items and process.

- Designed with experience in quality and tracerbility issues.
  Easy to interconneted with other applications.

- This application makes significat impact on visibility in the
  production and reduce re-call.

A022 -Efficiency and Cost-benefit Application

- Utilize Vision-RFID system capabilities.

- Calcuate and report effeciency, cost, benifits and suggest
  improvemnts of machines and process.

A023 -Operation Supporting Application

- Majority of MES doesn't have this module. This play a major roll
  in simiplifying planning and operations at the production line.

- In addition to the essential functions; Autonomisly lead,
  predict, notify and educate on production and tasks
  while engaging with managers, superviours and operators.

A024 -Storage Management Application

- Design Drone-Vision-RFID system to manage inventory and enusre
  information with the raw and finished goods.

A025 -Item transport robocart system in production,
     storage and shopping.

- We design these systems for your specifications.
- Also we design using Omron's Mobile Robots

BI+ERP+MES EcoSystem

- Base on ISA95 standard - Incoperated Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory
  concepts - Module architecture - Modules include; All essential,
  Cost-profit, Autonomuse, ML and Task-simplification.

- Some of our unique functions; Autonomuse services are running to provide
  update, correction and assure services.

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